Topaz 3 Stack Rings (Size Q)

This set of 3 stacking rings is made up of one small round topaz ring, one ring with a pretty gold coloured flower and a third ring with a little gold coloured ball.

The topaz measures 3mm across so please check the sizes carefully before buying. The rings are a size Q or 57 1/2 EU size.

These are made from 925 silver.

The silver on these rings is quite fine.

Price: £22.00 £16.50

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  • Topaz

    Topaz is best known for its manifesting properties.

    It is a crystal of joy, generosity, abundance and good health.  It is known as a stone of love and good fortune, and is said to release tension and encourage relaxation.

    It’s said to promote truth and forgiveness. Topaz promote openness and honesty, self-realisation and self-control.

    Read more about the healing properties for Topaz

Price: £22.00 £16.50

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