Amber Teething Bracelets (X Small)

These little amber teething bracelets are said to help reduce pain when a child is teething. They appear to be threaded on fine but fairly tough elastic, and the beads are about 5mm x 5mm.

However, it must be stressed that caution and common sense should be exercised at all times when using the bracelets. It might be advisable to put the bracelet around a child's ankle as opposed to wrist, and not leave the child unattended whilst wearing the bracelet.

DISCLAIMER: can accept no responsibility for the use of these bracelets once they have left our business premises.

I'd recommend taking these off when in the shower or bath as hot water can weaken the elastic!

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Amber

    Amber is not a stone or crystal, it’s fossilised tree resin that must be at least 10,000 years old to qualify as Amber.  Amber is seen as a bringer of joy and optimism, if you need cheering up wear some amber, the brighter yellow it is, apparently the more light it holds.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available