Silver Amber Pendant

The amber in this silver pendant measures 4.5 cm x 3 cm.
This is a lovely piece of Amber filled with inclusions.
It has two natural dips in the front and is a warm golden honey colour.
The setting is sterling silver.
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Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Amber

    Amber is not a stone or crystal, it’s fossilised tree resin that must be at least 10,000 years old to qualify as Amber.  Amber is seen as a bringer of joy and optimism, if you need cheering up wear some amber, the brighter yellow it is, apparently the more light it holds.

    Read more about the healing properties for Amber
Sorry, this product is no longer available
Today I received my ordered pendant in a very beautiful pouch. I am so much impressed with the crystals, package and the delivery which was quick too. by Anton