Herkimer Diamond Pendant

This unusual and really rather fabulous herkimer diamond pendant with natural dark inclusions, measures about 2 cm from top to bottom, about 1.8cm across, and about 1.2 cm in depth.

Herkimer diamonds are mined by hand and are already fully formed.

The setting is silver plated and slightly patchy and roughly made hence the cheap price - but this is a beautiful pendant nonetheless.

On the front side, there is a tiny 'baby' herkimer!

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Herkimer Diamond

    Herkimer Diamonds are believed to be spiritually stimulating stones, helping to attune the carrier to their natural psychic ability, telepathy, spiritual vision and clairvoyance. Also to encourage the interpretation of dreams and the ability to recall them.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available