Haematite Quartz Silver Pendant

A really beautiful piece of quartz with lots of tiny splashes of deep red and black haematite speckled through it that catches the light sometimes and gives it a twinkle. The surface of the stone is slightly scuffed at the very top but only noticable on very close inspection.

It really is lovely - it looks like a galaxy and measures about 3cm x 2cm not including the bale.. It is set in 925 silver. Chain for display only. This beautiful stone carries the properties of quartz and haematite so it's worth reading both pages!

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Haematite

    Haematite is primarily a very protective  and grounding stone, excellent for people who feel off with the fairies a lot or have trouble knuckling down to concentrate on something. Very good for people who are hyperactive as it grounds the energy coursing through them.


    Read more about the healing properties for Haematite
Sorry, this product is no longer available