Red Goldstone Egg

This egg measures approx 4.5cm x 3.5cm.
This photo doesn't do this beautifully sparkly egg justice, it is filled with flecks of copper that look like tiny stars.
Goldstone is made from millions of copper pieces set in resin, some of these eggs have little brown patches where the sparkles didn't settle - you may not get the exact egg in the photo but they are all very very similar.

Eggs are often seen as fertility symbols, representing new beginnings and new life. These are a lovely smooth shape which can fit softly into your hands during meditation.

These Crystal Eggs can come with a stand (which you can buy in the accessories category) which makes them into lovely ornaments as well as being healing tools, so you can benefit from their healing properties by just having them out around the house, or use them with a bit of hand cream to rub the soles of your feet!

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  • Red Goldstone

    Red Goldstone is said to be the stone of  Confidence and ambition, encouraging motivation and drive.

    It encourages a positive attitude, it is an uplifting stone, Goldstone is said to promote vitality, and help to lift anxious people to a happier mindset.

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Price: £11.60

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