Haematite Buddha

These lovely heavy grounding Buddhas are always a winner with the boys.

This is a stock photo, yours will be very similar but each is unique as they're hand carved.

The batch we have at the moment aren't polished quite so much all over, they have a couple of small rough patches on them but nothing significant.

Please check the size before you buy!

He measures approx 5cm x 3cm and 5cm tall.
This laughing Buddha is a symbol of happiness and contentment, it is said if you rub his tummy you will draw abundance, joy, and happiness to you. These Buddhas make fantastic presents, what better to give than a symbol of laughter as a gift.

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  • Haematite

    Haematite is primarily a very protective  and grounding stone, excellent for people who feel off with the fairies a lot or have trouble knuckling down to concentrate on something. Very good for people who are hyperactive as it grounds the energy coursing through them.


    Read more about the healing properties for Haematite

Price: £22.00

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