Moss Agate Egg


A beautiful moss agate egg that measures about 4.8cm high x 3.5cm wide.

Here are some helpful ideas of things you can do with your moss agate egg:

Heart Chakra Activation:
Place the egg on your heart chakra to open and balance the heart center. This can enhance emotional well-being and promote harmony in relationships.

Stress Relief:
Hold the egg in your hand during stressful moments. The calming energy of Moss Agate may help reduce tension and anxiety.

Grounding Meditation:
Hold the Moss Agate egg during meditation to foster grounding and connection with nature. Allow its energy to bring stability and balance to your thoughts.

Energy Cleansing:
Use the egg for energy cleansing by rolling it over your body. This can help release stagnant energy and promote a sense of renewal.

Creativity Boost:
Keep the Moss Agate egg in your creative space to stimulate inspiration and boost artistic expression. Its energy can enhance creativity and innovation.

Combine the Moss Agate egg with other crystals to create a crystal grid. This can amplify the collective energy and enhance the overall healing atmosphere.

Intent Infusion:
Program the Moss Agate egg with specific intentions for healing. Hold it in your hands and visualise the desired outcome, infusing the crystal with your positive energy.

Remember to cleanse and recharge your Moss Agate egg regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Trust your instincts and explore different ways to integrate this crystal into your healing routine based on what resonates with you personally.

Properties of Moss Agate

  • Abundance
  • Prosperity
  • Hope

Moss Agate has a lovely positive energy, it is said to increase hope and optimism and to improve confidence and self-esteem.