Confidence Healing Crystals Pouch


Feeling confident can hugely improve the quality of our lives, and this pouch was lovingly put together with that intention of encouraging inner strength, inner peace and calm self assurance for those moments when you need a supportive friend.

The crystals in this pouch are;

Rose Quartz - For its properties of self love, confidence and kindness towards the self. Also guides loving energy from others towards you. This is the pink stone.

Citrine - To bring a positive, confident sparkle into your energy. This is the yellow stone.

Haematite - For its properties of grounding and attraction, it is said to draw admirers to you and help you see and feel the beauty in yourself. This is the silver grey stone.

Garnet - Soothes self criticism and helps the carrier move into a space of infectious hope and joy. This is the deep red stone.

NB The garnet stones we have at the moment have much rougher surfaces than the one in the pic.

You will get a set similar to the photos but each crystal is unique.

The tumble stones in this pouch measure approximately 2cm x 1.8cm
You will receive these stones in a lovely soft black little velvet pouch with the printed leaflet shown.

Flowers for display only.