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Chrysocolla and Malachite Polished Chunk


This stunning chunk of Mother natures art is so pretty, the colours are beautiful.

It measures about 5.5cm long x 4.4cm wide x 2.5cm deep.

Ever wonder how this beautiful rock forms? Wonder no more!

Chrysocolla malachite occurs when copper minerals, oxygen and carbon dioxide react with water over an extended period. Carbonate-rich groundwater dissolves copper minerals, transporting them through rock fractures.

As this mineral-laden water reaches the Earth's surface or encounters suitable conditions for precipitation, chrysocolla and malachite crystals can form.

These minerals are typically found in association with other copper ores and can manifest in a variety of blue-green and green shades, often exhibiting stunning banding and intricate patterns when they crystallise.

Properties of Chrysocolla

  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Serenity

Chrysocolla is seen as an incredibly peaceful and soothing stone. It is said to calm the mind and the nerves through times of stress.