Ametrine and Amethyst Joy and Healing Grid Set

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This is a set of 7 rough ametrine and 4 rough amethyst tumble stones, the smallest measures about 2cm x 1.6cm and the largest measures about 3cm long x 2cm wide.

Heres guidance on how to make a grid:

Choose your crystals: Select a variety of healing crystals that align with your intentions and the energy you want to bring into your home.

  • Cleanse and charge: Clear the crystals' energy by using methods like running water, smudging, or placing them in sunlight or moonlight. Set your intention for their use during this process.

  • Select a location: Find a space in your home where you want to create the grid. Choose an area that feels right to you and aligns with your intention.

  • Prepare the space: Clean and declutter the area to create a harmonious environment for your crystals.

  • Arrange the crystals: Begin placing the crystals in a geometric pattern or design of your choice. Trust your intuition or follow established grid layouts.

  • Activate the grid: Connect the crystals by tracing an invisible line or pathway between them, starting from a central point. Visualize and feel the energy flowing through the grid, amplifying your intention.

  • Set maintenance and intention renewal: Regularly cleanse and recharge the crystals to maintain their energy. Spend time near the grid, meditate, or reaffirm your intentions to keep the grid active.

    Creating a crystal grid is an intuitive and personal process, so trust your instincts and experiment with different crystals and designs. Let the grid enhance the energy of your home and support your well-being. Enjoy the positive vibrations that the crystals bring into your living space.

    Properties of Ametrine

    • Optimism
    • Regeneration
    • Grounding

    Ametrine is a combination of Citrine and Amethyst. It accesses the higher consciousness whilst staying grounded in the physical realms.