Amazonite Egg


A lovely amazonite egg that measures about 4.8cm high.

Please look closely at the photos before you buy.

Eggs represent new beginnings, fresh starts and re-birth.

This egg doesn't come with a stand - you can buy one here 

A crystal egg can be used for various purposes, such as meditation, energy work, and spiritual practices. Here's a general guide on how to use a crystal egg:

Set an Intention: Hold the crystal egg in your hands and set your intention for its use. This can be a specific goal, such as promoting love and compassion or enhancing spiritual connection. Focus on imbuing the crystal egg with your intention.

  • Meditation and Energy Work: Crystal eggs are commonly used during meditation and energy work practices. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can sit or lie down. Hold the crystal egg in your hands or place it on your body, such as on your chakras or energy centers.

  • Close your eyes, relax, and breathe deeply. Allow the energy of the crystal egg to connect with your own energy, facilitating healing, balance, and alignment.

    Properties of Amazonite

    • Abundance
    • Good Luck
    • Success

    Amazonite is recognised as a “Stone of Abundance and success”, it attracts good luck. It is said to be a wonderful assistance for a peaceful transition of the dying bringing them closer to the Divine.