Fire Quartz Palm Pebble


Thsi is such a beautiful piece of nature - formed by haematite being present when the quartz was formed, as you can see it's showing in striking lines within the quartz. This, to me, feels really lovely - like it wants to sit on someones 3rd eye and help with higher connections...but would also be very happy sitting in a palm or pocket helping to keep your energies settled and calm.

It measures about 5cm x 4cm x 1.3cm deep.

Carry your fire quartz with you to enhance protection against negative energies and encourage vitality. Focus your intentions while holding it to amplify manifestation efforts and promote overall well-being and emotional balance.

Fire quartz can also be utilised for healing by just placing it in your living or working space to benefit from its energetic properties or direct its energy to specific areas of the body by placing it on corresponding chakras.

Properties of Fire Quartz