Lepidolite Flower Thumb Stone


A wonderful lepidolite thumb stone carved into the shape of a simple flower with a lovely smooth bowl for your thumb in the middle.

It measures about 3.8cm across x 0.8cm deep.

Carrying a lepidolite thumb stone is thought to profoundly benefit your emotions by promoting calmness and reducing stress.

It helps balance mood swings and alleviate anxiety, fostering a sense of inner peace and stability.

Lepidolite also encourages self-love and acceptance, enhancing your self-esteem and confidence. Its soothing energy aids in emotional healing, helping release past traumas and old emotional wounds.

 Additionally, this lovely healing crystal is said to improve mental clarity and focus, enabling better decision-making and a balanced mindset. Overall, it provides a comforting presence, supporting emotional well-being and resilience in daily life.

Properties of lepidolite

  • Emotional Dependancy
  • Self Love
  • Addiction

Lepidolite is thought of as a stone of peace, helping to induce sleep and release negativity.