Citrine Orgonite Abundance Pyramid (Small)


Gorgeous Small Citrine Orgonite Pyramid that has been made locally in the UK and measures about 3.5cm x 3.5cm x 3.5.

Made with Selenite, A Citrine Point and Gold flake this piece is both cleansing and uplifting. Providing a light and bright energy it is also programmed to attract abundance and Joy (in its many forms).

Orgonite is thought to re-calibrate negatively charged energy and bring it back into positive frequencies - combined with crystals it functions as a locked in place crystal grid, capable of clearing, cleansing and promoting harmonious ascension. It is also believed to protect from harmful EMFs

You do not need to cleanse your Orgonite, as it is self cleansing.

NB: It is best not to leave pyramids in direct sunlight for long periods (the piece may yellow or cast concentrated light onto flammable objects similar to a magnifying glass),

Properties of Orgone