• Altering our state of mind using body language

    When a person spends 30 seconds completing stretches and adapting their body language to wider, more open positions, their Testosterone levels will increase which will also increase their levels of self-worth/belief and their levels of confidence. This person is already faking that they believe in themselves and they are already faking that they believe they are intelligent enough to complete their university dissertation, for example. They start to become their own Oscar award winning performance.
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  • 8 Useful Tips For Helping With Anxiety

    Anxiety is one of those human conditions that seems to touch everyone’s life to a greater or lesser degree. It can make you feel out of control and at the mercy of your fears and emotions, and it is no fun at all to be at war with that.
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  • Body Language for Confidence

    We all know that body language affects other peoples perception of us, and can be used to encourage positive interactions. This isn’t new news, the thing we haven’t until recently, been able to prove is whether our own positive body language can improve your OWN state of mind…until now.
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  • A simple "Loving Myself" boost to start the day

    When you first wake up, BEFORE your mind starts searching for the things it was worrying about last night, speak gently to it and say: “Good morning, today is going to be a different day!”
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