• Seeing Auras for beginners

    The human Aura is an energy field that emanates from all living things The energy of the Aura is constantly changing and developing depending on physical, spiritual and emotional state of the person. All illness, mental or physical becomes apparent as a blockage within the aura before moving into the energy of the physical body, but the energy of the aura also lives within the physical body.
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  • Why work with Crystals? It's just a stone!

    Whether you are certified Crystal healer or someone who likes to pop one in your pocket to 'see what will happen', whether you’re a complete Crystal sceptic or someone who is just curious, know this, there are a plethora of different answers to the most often asked question 'Why do you work with Crystals?'. For those who read this and think: "Ahh, she's talking rubbish about a stone, it's just a stone" WELCOME! You're reading this so there's a start.
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  • Energetic Space Clearing

    Have you ever entered a room and felt a creepy unexplainable uneasiness? Or have you ever visited a particular spot that simply felt uplifting and free or liberating and light?
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  • Colour Therapy For Moods And Health

    So, can we harness the powerful energy of colour and use it to our advantage? The answer is yes absolutely! Colours can have such positive and mood altering effects on our emotions. Have you ever gazed fondly at a vibrant colour and felt like you were absorbing the mood that it radiated? Colours are a powerful tool that we can use to promote healing and positivity.
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