Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls date back to the Aztec and Ancient Mayan times. They are present in many other cultures throughout the world. Prophecies have been handed down for thousands of years and have never faltered regarding the powers of Crystal Skulls and the information held about the future for humankind.

Information in History suggests that there are 13 Crystal Skulls which are still each to be found.

Once they are all found and arranged in a formation of 12 Crystal skulls in a circle, representing the 12 planets and the largest skull in the middle of the circle representing ALL knowledge beyond what we think we already know, the formation would conjoin energies, raising the vibrations to the highest and bringing together the knowledge, energy and consciousness from all planets.

It is said that when this happens, humanity will have access to a greater power however whether we use this power for the greater good or destruction is entirely our decision. The meaning of the crystal Skulls and the incredible knowledge they offer is to awaken us to know that everything is one and the same. The Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Mountains and Space, everything is us and we are everything.

Rhyolite Skull

Mayan Priests believe that everyone should have a Crystal Skull so as to contribute to mass healing within ourselves and to the Earth we all walk on.

The crystal skulls that we know of now are carved out of a variety of different Crystal types, each type not only provides attributes of its nature but offers us a connection to that Crystals over soul.

The over soul is the consciousness of a crystal which we are honoured to connect with, some refer to the consciousness as a Guardian. It is said that working with the Crystal Skull and connecting to the over soul allows us to spiritually awaken and to open our higher self to knowledge beyond what we are conditioned to know already on this Earth.

As the Crystal carving commences the energy frequency changes and becomes stronger. The Skulls eyes are a window to opportunity, to self-development and connection to energies which are not so easy to describe.

Each person’s experience with their skull may differ and the message they receive, or the knowledge encountered may also differ.

Activation of the Crystal Skull is key, to work with it frequently and intensely is the way to raise your own bodies vibrational levels to meet with the energy of the crystal and so connecting yourself with the Crystal Skull.

As many people experience, choosing a crystal can feel like it chose you, because it did! Most people describe the feeling of being called to by a crystal or being drawn to it like a magnet. This is because you resonate with the crystals energy and because the crystal has a message for you/lesson for you to learn.

A good way to work with the Crystal skull is to hold the crystal and look into its eyes with the intention to work with it in love, light and positivity, for the greater good and with divine energy. It is believed that the more you work with it the more connected you will become and the more your own energy field will increase, opening the door way to enhanced healing and spiritual development.

Crystal Skulls are wonderful to work with, an experience and journey worth having. 

 In love and light

Citrine Sunflower

Article by Guest Writer Citrine Sunflower on 23 December 2018

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