• 7 Things To Do With Your Crystals

    I’m sure you don’t need any help with what to do with your lovely crystals but we thought it would be fun to share some of our ideas, and if you click the crystal names you can read about their healing properties.
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  • Colour Therapy For Moods And Health

    Colours can have such positive and mood altering effects on our emotions. They are an easy, powerful tool that we can use to promote healing and positivity. When used in association with the chakra colours we can isolate problem areas and give ourselves the prescription for healing we need easily, simply and efficiently : )
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  • Love & the law of attraction

    The good news is that to attract love into our lives it’s actually surprisingly easy when you know how. It’s all about the law of attraction, like attracts like. Imagine your energy is vibrating on a particular wavelength, the law of attraction says only other things that are of the same vibration can be drawn to you… So, you need to make your energy vibrate at the rate of what you want to receive, which means generating loving energy and appreciation so that vibration can see and connect with you.
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  • Cleaning your crystals

    As soon as you have your Crystal, the first thing you need to do is cleanse it. It has been on a long journey from wherever it was mined and will have been through the hands of many on its journey to you. You want to start your time together with it filled with positive energy for you.
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