Angel Aura Quartz Point Set (5 Pieces)

You will receive this set of 5 gorgeous, shimmering (and a little rough round the edges) aura quartz points which be wonderful for healing or for grid work around a room or house. On average they will measure about 4cm long x 0.7cm wide.

Sorry, this product is no longer available
  • Angel Aura Quartz

    The beautiful rainbow colours of Angel Aura Quartz Crystals are created by fusing platinum and silver to clear quartz.

    This stone carries all the wonderful properties of clear quartz such as  focusing, amplifying and transferring energy, and when mixed with the platinum and silver is one of the best  stones for clearing and brightening the aura, stimulating and clearing all of the Chakras.

    Read more about the healing properties for Angel Aura Quartz
Sorry, this product is no longer available